5 Travel-Themed Wedding Invitations Ideas

Travel-Themed Wedding Invitations

Are you dreaming of a wedding that feels like an adventure, one that transports you and your guests to far-off lands and cherished memories? 

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and what better way to make it truly unique than by infusing it with the spirit of travel? At Now and Forever, we understand the importance of creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our personalised travel-themed wedding stationery is designed to set the stage for your special day. Let’s explore five creative ideas to inspire your travel-themed wedding invitations.

Captivating Ideas for Your Travel-Inspired Wedding Invitations

  1. Maps Wedding Invitations

Your love story is a map of cherished moments. Incorporate this into your wedding invitations with a beautiful map inlay. Highlight important locations, such as where you met, travelled, and shared special moments. Customise the wording, map, fonts, and colours to perfectly fit your theme, ensuring your invitations become a visual representation of your unique journey.

  1. Passport Wedding Invitations

What about passport-style invites? These unique invitations can contain 4 or 8 pages, offering ample space to share essential details with your guests. Beyond the invitation itself, use the additional pages to provide information on travel arrangements, hotel options, transportation details, and any extra activities they won’t want to miss. It’s not just an invite, it’s a travel guide to your special day!

  1. Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

For a touch of excitement, consider boarding pass invitations. Delivered in a long pocket folder resembling a DL plane ticket, these invites offer a creative twist. Guests can tear off an optional RSVP section to return by post, adding an interactive element to the experience. The upper flap of the folder is the perfect spot to share extra information, building anticipation for the celebration that awaits.

  1. Travel Photo Album Wedding Invitations

Capture the essence of your travels with a location photo album invitation. Showcase your best travel photos in a collage format, spread across different pages, all completely customisable. This unique invitation allows you to share the visual highlights of your journey, giving your guests a glimpse into the adventures that have shaped your love story.

  1. Post Cards Wedding Invitations

These visually captivating cards provide a unique wedding invitation idea to share your love story, featuring stunning images and elegant typography. The simplicity of postcards adds sophistication, creating a delightful memento that not only informs but also evokes emotions tied to your special day. Whether showcasing a beach sunset or a city where you first met, the imagery is entirely personalised. Match them with Save the Date cards for a teaser into the overall theme, making this choice a creative and memorable way to invite guests to join you on the extraordinary adventure of your wedding day.

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